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Fighting malaria with technology

On World Malaria Day we are proud to contribute to the fight against malaria through 3 projects we showcase in this brief article: WHO World Malaria Report, WHO Malaria Threats Maps and the Simprinys biometrics DHIS2 app .

Biometrics against malaria

Simprints and EyeSeeTea are working together to track the new vaccination against malaria, in partnership with Ghana Health Service, with support from Gavi, Arm, and The Steele Foundation for Hope. Integrating our applications, we’re strengthening the data tracking systems to optimise the rollout of the malaria vaccine in two regions of Ghana using a state-of-the-art biometrics mobile solution. 

User Extended App: One app to rule them all

A DHIS2 user management application that provides an easy and integrated way to do common operations (single and bulk) on DHIS2 users, expanding the functionalities of the official app.