EyeSeeTea DHIS2 Suite

We create open source apps based on DHIS2, the world's largest health information management system.

DHIS2 is a powerful open source platform to collect, visualize and analyze data, even without internet access.

We build tools to make it even easier to use DHIS2 for a diverse set of needs, expanding its functionalities and empowering users.

DHIS App Winner 2024

MetaData Sync App

The metadata & data synchronization solution for DHIS2

Create custom tutorials or use off-the-shelf ones provided by the app to teach users how to use the main features of DHIS2.

DHIS App Winner 2021

Training App

The training solution for DHIS2 end users

Sharing Settings

Bulk modification of sharing settings for DHIS2

DHIS App Finalist 2022

User-Extended App

One app to rule them all

User-Extended App provides a straightforward and efficient alternative for managing users in DHIS2.

Bulk Load App

Generate sheet templates and import multiple data easily

Predictor-Extended App

Easily manage predictors in an instance

DHIS App Finalist 2023

Homepage App​

Build dynamic landing pages in DHIS2

Homepage App is an easy way to create tailored Home pages on a DHIS2 instance, using a very simple editor to create them. These home pages are also 100% compatible with Training App.


d2 autogen forms

Create custom DHIS2 forms quickly

d2 Docker​

Manage and deploy instances of DHIS2​

Dashboard reports

DHIS Dashboard Reports


Integrate Google Earth data with DHIS2