EyeSeeTea DHIS2 Suite

We create open source apps based on DHIS2,

the world's largest health information management system.

DHIS2 is a powerful open source platform to collect, visualize and analyze data, even without internet access.

We build tools to make it even easier to use DHIS2 for a diverse set of needs, expanding its functionalities and empowering users.

DHIS App Winner 2021

Training App

The training solution for DHIS2 end users​

Create custom tutorials or use off-the-shelf ones provided by the app to teach users how to use the main features of DHIS2.

MetaData Sync App​

The metadata & data synchronization solution for DHIS2

d2 Docker​

Manage and deploy instances of DHIS2​

DHIS App Finalist 2022

User-Extended App

One app to rule them all

User-Extended App provides a straightforward and efficient alternative for managing users in DHIS2.

Bulk Load App

Generate sheet templates and import multiple data easily

Predictor-Extended App

Easily manage predictors in an instance

DHIS App Finalist 2023

Homepage App​

Build dynamic landing pages in DHIS2

Homepage App is an easy way to create tailored Home pages on a DHIS2 instance, using a very simple editor to create them. These home pages are also 100% compatible with Training App.


d2 Autogen forms

Create custom DHIS2 forms quickly with this React-based tool


Integrate Google Earth data with DHIS2

Dashboard reports

DHIS Dashboard Reports