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We are a young and dynamic IT company providing the best technological solutions to NGOs, International Institutions and Research Centers.
We help our clients achieve their goals with efficient, scalable and open software development and through our consultancy services.

EyeSeeTea DHIS2 Suite

Apps for the world’s largest health information management system

We create apps based on DHIS2, a powerful open source platform to collect, visualize and analyze data. We build tools to make it even easier to use DHIS2 for a diverse set of needs, expanding its functionalities and empowering users.

What we do

Our main focus is building custom software applications on any scale to help you make the most out of your data. We provide software development, consulting services and architectural know-how. EyeSeeTea’s main areas of expertise are information and communication technologies (ICTs) for development, health data (DHIS2) and scientific software.

Our Partners

We work with some of the most prominent institutions, NGOs and universities around the world.
We develop software customized to your needs, scalable and ready for future changes, and and highly tested at each stage of the project. This is possible thanks to our multidisciplinary team made up of developers, computer scientists, graphic designers, UX experts and quality assurance engineers.

World Health Organization

We mantain WIDP servers: a platform used for global reporting and individual data reports. It is included in the World Information System for Control and Elimination on Neglected Tropical Diseases framework. We have developed a new online Global Reporting System for Hepatitis.

Save the Children

Save the Children funded the development of a new Malaria Case-Based Reporting App. It collects data on malaria testing and treatment using a picture-driven survey and includes job aids and a minimal drug stock control functionality. The app works offline and sends all the information to a DHIS2 centralized server.

Doctors Without Borders

For MSF, We have developed DHIS2 apps for project configuration & management. They help to implement configuration processes guiding the user through the correct data flow and support decision-making processes by improving the adequacy and quality of services offered to communities in risk (create MSF missions, projects, health sites, health services, etc...).


For PATH, we designed an open source quality assessment tool connected with DHIS2 servers. It converts DHIS2 programs and data elements into surveys and questionnaires that the user is able to fill in offline from an Android device. It is widely used by governments and NGO partners across several countries in Africa.

Norwegian Refugee Council

We provided second-tier technical support for DHIS2 and enhancements to core functionality for visualization. We developed an app to create DHIS2 Datasets using a multistep wizard offering a user friendly and intuitive interface, carefully designed to bring a sophisticated and intuitive graphical interface to manage Data Elements and Indicators.

District Health Information System

We have been stabilizing, debugging, maintaining and upgrading DHIS2 official apps. Designed and developed the architecture for the new official Android SDK. Other tasks: performance tests for apps, server maintenance & technical consulting. Sponsored by the Clinton Health Access Initiative, we developed the app for the Cambodian National Center For Parasitology, Entomology and Malaria Control.


Instruct Image Processing Center

Strategic technical consulting and project management for the I2PC at the Spanish National Center for Biotechnology. We also developed an image processing framework for obtaining 3D models of macromolecular complexes using Electron Microscopy. Other tasks: Server maintenance & web development.

University of Western Cape

Co-designed a Power Efficiency system for open source and open hardware routers: LibreRouter. It aims to provide cheap & open solutions for community networks. We also co-developed The WiFi Calling App, to provide community networks users of LibreRouters a WiFi tool to call using cheapest method available.

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

We designed an Automatic Quality of Service configuration system for embedded devices in a testbed network. Our algorithm takes the information and reconfigures the intermediate queueing systems in real-time to maximize network availability and service quality.

Population Services International

We have developed several apps for PSI as well as DHIS2 core development for interpretations, analytics and dashboard enhancements. Some apps are oriented to take care of the global cycle of Quality Assessment of a health network. Other apps are picture-driven Malaria Case Surveillance for Cambodia, Laos & Angola. Our web-based app information system collects and analyzes health information.

How we work

Instead of reinventing the wheel for each and every project, why not recycle the code?
Our projects are based on previous work, need less hours of development, and are already heavily tested. Improvements on one project can be easily transferred to the others. This means that even institutions and NGOs with lower budgets can afford our apps. Open source means more reliable, efficient affordable code. We endorse the Principles for Digital Development following an Agile methodology:

Open software for an open world

We believe in the potential of open software for an open, better world.
We work with open technologies to develop tools that help maximize the impact of our partner’s work.

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