We work with partners around the world to bring ICTs for development and research in many areas.
Here are some of our partners and projects:

Applications development

We develop web-based, online reporting systems, such as the Global Reporting System for Hepatitis (GRSH) developed for WHO, to set up a District Health Information System (DHIS2) web module located on the WHO integrated data platform.

We also develop web apps, such as the Dataset Configuration app developed for the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC). Using correct and efficient DHIS2 software is the key to successfully collecting data. We work with our partners  to provide them with apps tailored to their needs to generate customizable datasets.

Applications Development

We can help you create an app to configure and create surveys (data sets) including data elements, indicators, disaggregation and layout customizing from a web interface, even in unstable and limited bandwidth environments. We implement strategies to optimize apps for work in low-income countries. We reduce the amount of information sent and the computational resources needed. One of our fields of expertise is creating applications aimed to track diseases through near real-time statistics.

We have developed several applications in the domain of health data reporting for international organizations such as PSI, NRC, Doctors Without Borders, Save the Children…

Data visualization tools & simulation platforms

One of our areas of expertise is developing web-based visualization and simulation platforms engineered to explore complex systems. We can help you visualize and analyze a large amount of data while providing an intuitive user experience and a responsive interface.

Our platforms can provide a set of tools to visualize, analyze and explore multiple high resolution pictures, videos, DICOM images and 3D models without requiring high computational resources. We have developed several tools for the Instruct Image Processing Center (I2PC) to help them to maximize the extraction of biological knowledge from their biological data.

Frameworks design and customization

We develop and customize open source frameworks. We are currently expanding our QuestMark framework, which translates DHIS2 concepts into intuitive processes. It covers the following key functions: data collection, monitoring, evaluation (e.g. for Quality Assessment Tools) and Logistics Management Information System  (e.g. for per-clinic stock control). This is accomplished relying on the combination of a modular system and a clean architecture to properly separate the responsibilities of the different pieces.

We can use this framework to quickly and efficiently develop your product, either customizing and extending QuestMark functions or developing a new framework adapted to your needs.


Strategic technical consulting and project management

We provide software development audits and project management services to improve the development processes in R+D projects. We also have experience building communities to work together for the development of various platforms.

We have experience auditing and advising teams in the process of building new apps and SDKs. We have worked with WHO to help them to evaluate and improve their workflow. We also work with the Instruct Image Processing Center providing support to structural biologists.

Cloud, Clusters & Servers Configuration

We design, configure, and maintain systems that can be scaled quickly and easily as project requirements change. They can be customized to create the appropriate high availability and scalability solution to match your goals.
One of our main clients is the Instruct Image Processing Center (I2PC).

QA and Software testing

We can help you test multiple aspects of your application, framework or platform. Our tests analyze functions, performance, usability, security and compatibility with other systems.
For example, we have been in charge of stabilizing, debugging, maintaining and upgrading of the current DHIS2 UiO Official Apps.


We love to share our know-how! We offer training in different areas, such as software architecture, UNIX systems, network design and network dimensioning.

networks design

Improve your connectivity with highly customizable solutions even in isolated rural networks. For example, we joined the Libre Router initiative to design a power-saving mechanism for routers and wireless apps to manage phone calls using community networks built with these routers.