User Extended App: One app to rule them all

A DHIS2 user management application that provides an easy and integrated way to do common operations (single and bulk) on DHIS2 users, expanding the functionalities of the official app. 

Have you ever wished for a way to remove a role from many DHIS2 users at once? Disabling on bulk multiple users, or even users replications? to retrieve a list of names, last log in, user roles and user group? Import or export users from CSV files? If the answer is yes, User-Extended app is the answer.

Some of the main features of the User-Extended App, part of EyeSeeTea’s DHIS2 Suite, are:

  • Single actions: edit user properties, copy properties from a user into another user, replicate a user multiple times modifying some properties
  • Bulk actions: delete, edit, enable/disable, change user properties merging or replacing what they had before
  • Export/import to/from CSV to do bulk operations from a spreadsheet 

This app was a finalist at the 2022 DHIS2 App Competition abd has been proven to be extremely useful for any organisation using DHIS2 at a large-scale, such as several of our partners: the Norwegian Refugee Council, the WHO Integrated Data Platform (WIDP), Samaritan’s Purse and Medecins Sans Frontières (MSF).

How to use it? 

The User Extended App  is free and open source and you can download it from the DHIS2 App Store. There is extensive documentation at our wiki. You can also check out our open source code at our GitHub repository

Do you have any questions? You can either  post them at the incredibly supportive DHIS2 Community (mentioning @EyeSeeTea) or send us an email. Please, if you have any kind of feedback or problem, use the same channels to let us know. And if you are thankful for our effort, you can always support  our work  with a one-time contribution or becoming a regular github sponsor

How is it sustainable if it is free?

Short answer is thanks to our partners. We develop DHIS2 customised solutions for organisations who actively decide to open the code so everyone can benefit from it. We are also passionate about both DHIS2 and open source, so giving back to the community through dedicated development is part of our commitment and EyeSeeTea’s DNA.

One of our partners was the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), an independent humanitarian organisation helping people forced to flee. The NRC uses DHIS2 as a basis of their normal operation on the field, storing and analyzing the resulting data with this platform. Their extensive use of DHIS2 led them to reach some of the limitations of the system, needing some customizations for their specific use case. DHIS2 user management interface can become cumbersome for managing a big set of users. This is the case of NRC, so they decided to fund a stand-alone app now called User Extended App.

Later on, WHO started using DHIS2 within the so-called WHO Integrated Data Platform (WIDP), where several WHO projects share a dedicated hosting and maintenance provided by EyeSeeTea, As part of the general maintenance, WHO decided to back also some specific new features in the User Extended App. 

Last, but not least, another of our partners, Samaritan’s Purse and Medecins Sans Frontières (MSF) also backs the development of the application.

Where do we go from here? 

You can see our roadmap at our GitHub repository, If there is a request you would like, please let us know. Unfunded requests can take longer to be implemented, but we always take into account the community requests. If you are an organisation or company able to fund it, the implementation can be much quicker. Please send an email and we can talk. 

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