Dataset Configuration Web App for the Norwegian Refugee Council


The Norwegian Refugee Council is an independent humanitarian organisation helping people forced to flee. They work in crises in 31 countries, delivering high-quality aid and providing camp management, food assistance, clean water, shelter, legal aid, and education. In 2017, they assisted a record number of 8.7 million people in need. Around 14,000 humanitarians work with the Norwegian Refugee Council, most of them hired locally to work in the field.


Qualitative data collection and analysis is key to correctly implement and evaluate this aid. EyeSeeTea is contributing to this effort developing several customized web apps for NRC based on DHIS2. DHIS2 is one of the most used and useful software for health management data, an open source platform developed by the Health Information Systems Program (HISP) and supported by the University of Oslo’s Department of Informatics. Its initial scope has systematically been expanded to cover other sectors beyond health, such as education, water and sanitation, food security‚Ķ Using correctly and efficiently this software is key, specially for field workers. We work with NRC to provide an app completely tailored to their needs through completely customizable datasets.


The Dataset Configuration Web App allows NRC administrators to create quick and easily customizable datasets through the use of a form wizard. They can be completely configured according to the needs of each project, aid area and country. NRC has already configured more than 400 datasets and more than 100 are currently in use. These customized surveys are later on filled by the local field workers. Later on, these data is used to evaluate the impact of the aid actions and to efficiently correlate outputs with outcomes. Our other web apps for NRC are Dataset Recording and User Enhancement, which allow to delete, correct and push new data and a sophisticated management of users, respectively.

Starting from a DHIS2 fork, these apps aim to modify some core and modules features of DHIS2, specially from pivot tables webapp, in order to improve and extend some of its functionalities. The main objectives are to allow Indicators to be created in a DataSetAttribute basis and to provide a way and an interface to create calculated items in pivot tables by using other fields from the table. We provide a second-tier technical support for the DHIS2 platform and a set of technical developments including enhancement to current pivot/visualisation applications, indicator calculation enhancement and amendment of core functionality for visualisation.


You can check out our open source code at our GitHub repositories (all of our apps are licensed under GPLv3). Apps are currently under active development and we release frequently new versions: