DAC2024 – Highlights from EyeSeeTea

Once again, the annual DHIS2 conference has been an amazing experience. This year the two EyeSeeTea co-founders, Nacho Foche and Adrian Quintana, went to Oslo to attend in person and almost all the team attended online. We presented three posters, spoke in two sessions and were finalists (winners!) at the DHIS2 app competition… and the best of all: we had the opportunity to learn from the community and meet amazing people!

And the DAC2024 app competition winner is…

Metadata Sync, our metadata & data synchronization solution for DHIS2, is the winner of the 2024 DHIS App Competition! Here you can watch our director, Nacho, receiving the award. You can download the app from the DHIS2 App Hub and check the video tutorials and the text documentation on Metadata Sync website. Code source available on the repo.

Here you can watch the presentation by Adrian presenting the app during the DHIS2 Developers session, the video starts at his presentation.

Presenting d2-logger: a Logging Library for Advanced Data Operation Tracking

During the session “Extending DHIS2”, Nacho presented d2-logger, a library to facilitate the seamless transmission of log data to DHIS2. It allows standard application operations to proceed while concurrently transmitting generated logs to the specified DHIS2 instance. These logs are then materialized as events within a DHIS2 program, enabling their analysis through DHIS2’s capture, Event Reports, or other tools. This results in an efficient logging solution based on DHIS2’s robust framework. The versatility of this library extends beyond its primary function. It can be employed in various scenarios, including monitoring extensive backend operations or consolidating operations tracking of multiple DHIS2 applications in a single repository.

This session showcased the library’s diverse applications, illustrating how it can enhance data operation tracking in DHIS2 environments. You can watch it here, the video starts with Nacho’s presentation.

Autogen forms, d2-visualizations and UHC Watch development: our three posters for DAC2024

One of our posters focused on autogen forms, our tool to quickly create customized DHIS2 forms. You can read more about it on our community post.

The other two posters were related to the development of the UHC Watch Platform, a DHIS2-Based Tool for monitoring financial protection in Europe and central Asia. For this custom DHIS2 based website, we have developed one of our latest DHIS2 tools: d2-visualization. It allows DHIS2 visualizations customizations not possible through DHIS2 Data Visualizer, such as adjusting fonts, colors, legends, labels, or series. You can check out the poster here.

Sharing knowledge, meeting with partners and getting feedback on EyeSeeTea DHIS2 Suite

One of the best thing of DHIS2 Conferences is the opportunity to meet in person some of our partners, to receive feedback from our apps and to learn from other developers and discuss the present and future of DHIS2 development. Some highlights from this year:

  • DHIS2 UiO core developers team: Thanks so much to Austin McGee , Birk Johansson, Markus Bekken and Kai Vandivier, from the DHIS2 core team, for discussing with us how they have used some of our ideas on using Typescript, following the code of our d2-api that is used in all our apps. We also talked on identifying new ways of collaboration for developers, that could help the developers community in staying closer and better informed of the decisions taken in UiO – as well as serving as advisors. We also had some really interesting talks with Austin on extensibility.
  • Samaritan’s Purse: we discussed one of our current projects (Operation Christmas Child) and talked about exciting new projects! Also, we did some requirement gathering and design for a new release of one of our apps for them, the data management.
  • Simprints: exciting talk about the future of the DHIS2 Android Capture app it is being used to track the new malaria vaccination. You can find out more about this project in this post: “biometrics against malaria
  • Resolve to Save Lives: we had the opportunity to share opinions on the official DHIS2 package we are building for WHO and how that compares to the amazing Hypertension package they have.
  • Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI): so happy to know that they are using our app Metadata Sync in one of their projects in Burkina Faso.
  • MSF OCP: very interesting talks on how to reuse some our scripts to manage TEI and closure program stages. Very happy to know that they are finding MetaData Sync app very useful and we had the opportunity to help them in solving some issues, as well as with their usage of some of our publicly available scripts (d2-tools)
  • Hisp Tanzania: it was great to talk with them after the developers session and find out that some of our DHIS2 Suite apps, in particular, Metadata Sync, Bulk Load and User Extended are widely used in the community. We also got some very good feedback and use cases from the community.
  • Hisp Nigeria: it was very nice to discuss autogen forms with them and also about our development of UHC Watch.
  • Abt Associates: always a pleasure to talk with them and here their (very positive) feedback for MetaData Sync.
  • FHI360: very interesting to know how they use our Bulk Load App and how they are looking forward for it to be compatible with version 40 (very soon!).
  • Uganda National Institute of health: thanks to let us know that they find our DHIS2 Suite very interesting

One of our main takeaways is to know new usages of our DHIS2 Suite apps that we were not aware until the conference. We are very proud of it!

Thanks to UiO and the amazing Community of Practice!

Last, but not least, we’d like to thank the amazing conference organization and the awesome DHIS2 community. You can watch a session about building communities of practice, in this video. The video below starts at our little homage to the DHIS2 community 🙂

We were also very happy to receive two awards for our contributions – the most active on social media and CoP activity winner.

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