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Our Partners & Projects

PSI Logo

Population Services International (PSI)

PSI is a global health organization dedicated to improving the health of people in the developing world by focusing on challenges like a lack of family planning, HIV and AIDS, diarrhea, pneumonia and malnutrition, among others.

Mobile AppQoC Android AppGithub
QoC Android App is an open-source quality assessments tool connected with DHIS2 Health Information Servers. It eases the process of analyzing the data with a wide range of features such as automatic surveys generation, retreiving and pushing information to DHIS2 servers. Its highly detailed graphical reports allows to extract the best of your data.

Mobile AppQIS Surveillance Cambodia & LaosGithub
Cambodia & Laos drug store-oriented tool to quickly register malaria cases, graphically driven and connected to DHIS2 servers

Web AppData DictionaryGithub
DHIS2, a flexible, web-based open source information system to collect and analyze information, is being used by PSI as its HMIS. Data is feeding dayly from up to 15.000 sites across 60+ countries, allowing analysis of the health programs impact at district, country, and global level. We have developed an app to visualize (1) a picture of the metadata in the database and its connection across programs, datasets, health facilities, and (2) how the data is being used and filled across the different countries and platforms. It has been developed using jQuery and D3.


Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Located in Madrid, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, and his Signal Theory Department, have focused their research in the wireless telecommunication networks for isolated rural areas. EyeSeeTea has provided his services as part of a infrastructure project for low bandwith networks.

NetworkQoS Configuration SystemGithub
Automatic QoS (Quality of Service) configuration system for embedded devices in a testbed network for URJC research project. This set of GNU/Linux tools turns an embedded system into a router with bandwith adaptative capabilities, able to response to network fluctuations.

Doctors without borders

Ensure immediate access to quality information throughout the organization in order to analyse data at field level, compress the delay between the identification of outbreaks and the response to it, and support decision-making processes improving the adequacy and quality of services offered to communities in risk.

Web AppDhis2 app development for project configuration & managementGithubGithub
Health information coming from the projects is the reference point for medical interventions coordination, planning and monitoring and a guarantee for early and effective response in case of emergency. The purpose of the app is to implement the configuration processes guiding the user in trough the correct data flow, as well as making transparent the different actions required (create MSF missions, projects, heallth sites, health servicers, etc...). It has been developed using AngularJS and Rest Services.

Norwegian Refugee Council

EyeSeeTea is working on a project for the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) in order to provide a second-tier technical support for Dhis2 and a set of technical developments including enhancement to current pivot/visualisation applications and amendment of to indicator calculation and core functionality for visualisation.

Web AppDhis2 core development for pivot/visualisation and indicator calculation enhancementGithubGithubGithubGithubGithubGithub
Starting from a DHIS2 fork, this project aims to modify some core and modules features of DHIS2 2.23, specially from pivot tables webapp, in order to improve and extend some of its functionalities. The main objectives are to allow Indicators to be created in a DataSetAttribute basis, and providing a way and an interface to create calculated items in pivot tables by using other fields from the table.

Instruct Image Processing Center

EyeSeeTea is currently providing strategic technical consulting and project management to the Instruct Image Processing Center (I2PC), which belongs to the European Strategic Infrastructure Project (ESFRI) in the area of Structural Biology. I2PC provides support to structural biologists, helping them to maximize the extraction of biological knowledge from their microscopy images.

Web AppScipion strategic and technical consultingGithubGithub
The actual work is mainly focus on Scipion Desktop Application and Scipion Web Tools. Scipion is an image processing framework for obtaining 3D models of macromolecular complexes using Electron Microscopy (3DEM) developed at the Spanish National Center for Biotechnology. It integrates several software packages and presents a unified interface for both biologists and developers. Scipion allows you to execute workflows combining different software tools, while taking care of formats and conversions. Additionally, all steps are tracked and can be reproduced later on.

Meet The Team

Adrian Quintana Pérez Picture

Adrian Quintana Pérez


Adrian is a scientific software engineer and entrepreneur. He works as Research Associate with the Department of Neuroscience, Physiology and Pharmacology at the University College of London to build Open Source Brain, a Wellcome Trust funded platform to share and develop computational models of neurons and networks.

Adrian has worked as well as a team leader and software developer at the Spanish National Biotechnology Center implementing Scipion Link, an image processing framework for 3D Electron Microscopy.

He has an extensive experience as technology consultant and software developer for non-profit organization and consulting companies.

He earned a Master in Telecomunication Engineering fro m the Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) and a Master in Telecommunication Networks for Developing Countries from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid (Spain).

José García Muñoz Picture

José García Muñoz


Jose is an experienced IT consultant with more than 10 years of experience working on several IT sectors, such as: health informatics, public government data, ICT4D, telecommunications. He is mainly dedicated to put technology at service of human development in order to construct a fairer society.

Jose has been working in more than 10 countries with different NGOs such as Engineering Without Borders, Doctors without borders, Global Health Organisations as Population Service International, or different local governments in Africa and Latin America. He has built up excellent technical skills including analysis, design, and programming, focus on the design of large scale systems, team management, capacity building, and creative information architect with a deep understanding of a wide range of technological solutions. 

Ignacio Foche Pérez Picture

Ignacio Foche Pérez


Ignacio has a wide experience in engineering telecommunications projects for isolated regions in developing countries (with the NGO Engineers without Borders and the EHAS foundation). Within these organizations, he has been in charge of interdisciplinary projects for creating robust and energy efficient systems for telemedicine purposes and telecommunication infrastructure.

He has also worked on energy efficiency in telecommunication networks. Ignacio worked for 3 years at the Spanish National Biotechnology Center (CNB-CSIC) in the field of electron microscopy image processing as part of the team that develops the Xmipp Link and Scipion Link software. He is now dedicated full time to EyeSeeTea LTD.

Ignacio obtained his Telecommunications Engineer degree in the Carlos III University of Madrid. He holds also a M. Sc. in Telecommunication Networks for Developing Countries from the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid. Ignacio has been a member of the Communications and Signal Theory Department for 3 years at that university. 


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Android development - DHIS2 development & deployment
Big data and data representation - JS, HTML5, CSS

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