Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Located in Madrid, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, and his Signal Theory Department, have focused their research in the wireless telecommunication networks for isolated rural areas. EyeSeeTea has provided his services as part of a infrastructure project for low bandwidth networks.

QoS Configuration System

Automatic QoS (Quality of Service) configuration system for embedded devices in a testbed network for URJC research project. This set of GNU/Linux tools turns an embedded system into a router with bandwidth adaptive capabilities, able to response to network fluctuations.

The designed system implements an algorithm to dynamically adjust the Quality of Service in both a cellular network and a WiFi network by using the advanced routing mechanism from the Linux Kernel. With this algorithm, the systems exchange information in a secure way about the real-time load on each extreme of the network. The algorithm take that information and reconfigure all the intermediate queueing systems in real-time to maximize the network availability and service quality.